Book Review of Season of the Witch by Sarah Rees Brennan

Season of the Witch
Goodreads Rating: 3.75
Published: 7/9/2019
Page Count: 288
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It's the summer before her sixteenth birthday, and Sabrina Spellman knows her world is about to change. She's always studied magic and spells with her aunts, Hilda and Zelda. But she's also lived a normal mortal life - attending Baxter High, hanging out with her friends Susie and Roz, and going to the movies with her boyfriend, Harvey Kinkle. Now time is running out on her every day, normal world, and leaving behind Roz and…
3.6Overall Score
  • Characters
  • Cover Art
  • Impact
  • Pacing
  • Plot
  • Writing

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Quick Review

  • No need to have watched the show before reading
  • Love the cover art
  • I like the aesthetic of the black pages for every other chapter, but they are much harder to read
  • Cute ending
  • Would not read the next book in the series

In Depth Review

Overall I was a bit disappointed in this book, but still wanted to finish it. I felt like it did not have much of a plot and nothing exciting or interesting really happens until the end.

The story does give some more backstory and development of the characters from the television show from their point of view (I especially enjoyed Nick and Ambrose), but other than that I don’t feel there was much unique or new added to the story.

I did enjoy the way the story was told, the level of detail helps to give rich visuals. It was cute and a good read, but I was expecting more.

Favorite Quotes

“I normally just have sex with people, or curse them, you know, normal stuff….”
Sarah Rees Brennan

Musical Suggestions

I enjoyed Season of the Witch while listening to the playlist “spooky instrumental” on Spotify by Ellen Alley.

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