Book Review of The Modern Guide to Witchcraft by Skye Alexander

The Modern Guide to Witchcraft
Goodreads Rating: 3.99
Published: 7/31/2014
Page Count: 304
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Unlock your highest potential, achieve your deepest desires, and delve into the world of witchcraft. Looking for an enchanting love potion? Want to create your own sacred space and promote good energy? The Modern Guide to Witchcraft helps you harness your own inner power so you can shape your destiny. With the help of spellcraft expert Skye Alexander, you'll tap into your own magic and create incantations, potions, and charms. As she carefully guides you…
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NOTE: My rating would have been higher if the book contained more unique information, but I did really enjoy this book and am glad to have it in my collection.

Quick Review

  • Very easy to read, decipher, and decimate the information given. Laid out well with an easy to follow structure and formatting.
  • You may not agree with all the information and practices outlined, but you can just skip past these parts.
  • Does discuss the Wiccan practice throughout, but is not completely Wiccan-centric.
  • Lots of helpful lists of correspondences, such as week, months, holidays, colors, chakras, oils, plants, trees, and more.
  • Says on the cover it’s a complete guide to covens but actually doesn’t discuss this until the last chapter, and only briefly covering a span of about nine pages.
  • About a third (95 out of 303 pages) of the book is spells, with a bit of information on creating successful spells scattered throughout these chapters (Chapters 14 to 20).
  • Has an index that is actually helpful for looking up and referencing specific information.
  • Does NOT have an index of references or further related readings. There seem to be no references at all.

In Depth Review

I feel this book is created for beginner pagans and witches who do not have, or have not read many other beginner books. If you purchased this book just for the spells because you found those intriguing, then it would be more than just a beginner book, as it has many chapters of spells. The book covers all the normal basics, such as a brief history, lists of correspondences, tools, altar and shrine set up, different paths of witchcraft, Gods and Goddesses, plants and crystals, and more. However none of these topics are discussed in much depth.

While I did not agree with all the information and practices outlined, I found I did agree with most from the viewpoint of my liberal practice. While I do not find the ideas in this book revolutionary or different from many other beginner books I’ve read, I did enjoy reading it very much and there were enough insightful tidbits I hand’t thought of before scattered through out that made the read well worth it. For example I enjoyed the idea of the “cosmic web” which I had thought of in theory, but did not have a name for.

About a third of the book is spells, all of which I found had a really sound and helpful structure and ingredients. I feel like I could use many of these in the future. More helpful though was the information scattered throughout the spell chapters that covers subjects such as substituting ingredients, adapting spells, writing your own language for affirmations/spells/rituals/etc., writing your own spells, spell timing, and even tracking your spells.

Some of the spells and language seem to suggest that just performing the ritual and wishing for something will make it come true. I prefer to put the focus on the intention being put out there and then further that through putting in the work and steps to make that intention come true, now with luck and assistance. However, many of the spell sections do start with some self-reflection exercises, analysis, and goal setting. I feel if those same practices were applied while performing the individual spells, they would be much more effective.

Book Look

  • Very nice, very thick cardboard cover with a color background on the front and back.
  • Nice thicker feeling, off-white pages with a rough cut outside edge that gives an “old book” look and feel.
  • Great book for highlighting and writing in notes, as things do not bleed through the pages.
  • Page numbers are clearly marked on the bottom of all pages, and the chapter name preceding the page numbers on the right hand page of the spread.
  • Doesn’t have a strong “book smell” (disappoint!).

Favorite Quote

“Once you shift your way of thinking from mundane to magical, you’ll never see the world as you did before.”
Skye Alexander

Musical Suggestions

I enjoyed The Modern Guide to Witchcraft while listening to the playlist “the magic place” on Spotify by SimplyArden.

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