Book Review of Choking Back the Devil by Donna Lynch

Choking Back the Devil
Goodreads Rating: 4.25
Published: 7/17/2019
Page Count: 98
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Choking Back the Devil by Donna Lynch is an invocation, an ancient invitation that summons the darkness within and channels those lonely spirits looking for a host. It's a collection that lives in the realm of ghosts and family curses, witchcraft and urban legends, and if you're brave enough to peek behind the veil, the hauntings that permeate these pages will break seals and open doorways, cut throats and shatter mirrors. You see, these poems…
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Quick Review

  • Darkly inviting and introspective
  • Great horror poetry book for the autumnal, spooky season
  • Reading many of the poems left me thinking “Damn. Why’d you have to go there?”
  • Enjoyed the poems in the first half much more than the second

In Depth Review

The poems leave you pausing to think about how they relate to the demons we all have inside us. I related to most of the poems, but a few fell flat for me towards the end. The poems do not necessarily relate to each other, but instead to a central theme of “the demons within”.

I really enjoyed this short book and will probably re-read it each Fall. It gives just the right amount of creeps.

Favorite Quote

“Name yourself
Let them call you from the mirror
In the dark
Let them set you free
Then rip them apart”
– Legend
Donna Lynch

Musical Suggestions

I enjoyed Choking Back the Devil while listening to the playlist “moody instrumentals” on Spotify by mallorystaub.

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